Project Report NFGS II

The initial NFGS II project started in the later stages of  2018, and focused around 8 major research areas, where fundemental research questions were raised.

The primary objective of the Nordic Finance and the Good Society (NFGS) research report is to identify new strategic perspectives and trends within the financial sector and find potential opportunities and challenges. Furthermore, this project aims to contribute to future discussions on strategy and business policy in both a Danish and Nordic context, as well as provide updated knowledge on coprorate governance and financial strategy.

The project is designed to provide the public with access to leading research on the Danish and Nordic financial sectors through a multidisciplinary approach. In addition 9 recommendations were based on the report and the research work. Find the report and executive summary below:

8 research areas


  1. Can sustainable finance be a part of solving some of the most fundamental challenges of our time, and if yes, how? 
  2. Can focus on stable and long-term ownership in the financial sector provide a better risk return profile in the future? 
  3. Does financial advice provide any real benefits for normal retail clients in an advanced economy? 
  4. Can good digital solution based on IE and blockchain provide completely new AML1 systems which could mitigate such risk significantly? And what regulatory changes would be required to support such a development? 
  5. How should financial regulation and compliance regulation be designed in the Nordics and EU in order to secure financial stability and have efficient processes? 
  6. How do financial institutions fare in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and this new disruptive financial environment. 
  7. What are the potential implications of CBDC2 on banks monetary policy, on financial stability on the balance sheet of central banks, commercial banks, and the non-banking private sector actors? Why are there no central banks who are frontrunners in this process? 
  8. Do Nordic citizen firms have equal access to financing?