The purpose of Nordic Finance and the Good Society is to create leading research within the area of the financial sector and to publish 12-14 academic articles regarding relevant research areas. Furthermore, the purpose is to produce a conjoined research paper about the strategic position of the entire financial sector with focus on competition, jobcreation, and future opportunities.

The aim of the project is to contribute to future strategy and business policy discussions in a Danish and a Nordic context, and also to provide new knowledge on corporate governance and financial strategy, which can contribute in creating opportunities for developing new courses, containing both fields.

Steering commitee

The project will be led by a steering committee consisting of four academics, four senior business people, and other stakeholders, all having extensive experience in the financial sector. The project will be coordinated under the leadership of the Center for Corporate Governance at Copenhagen Business School. This group will act as a link between the researchers and the business community.

Target groups

Overall, the research is targeted at (a) key policy and opinion makers in the Nordic countries, and (b) leading decision makers, including board members, financial union representatives, and business leaders. Furthermore, the purpose is indirectly to generate a wider academic and public debate regarding the financial sector and its factor conditions.