Seminar: Why are rates and yields so low?

Implications for monetary policy with Lars Christiansen (2018)

Seminar on Fintech

Nordic Finance and the Good Society seminar with mr. Andrea Enria (2018)

Brexit, EU Capital Markets, and the Future of the Euro

Nordic Finance and the Good Society seminar by Georg Ringe (2017)

Finansforbundet Seminar

Nordic Finance and the Good Society seminar held by Finansforbundet (2017)

Financial Advice Seminar

Does Financial Advice create any value at all? And what are the consequences if there is no guidance (2017)

Nordic Finance & The Good Society Seminar

Contracting Out the Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty: An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Opportunity Waivers (2016)

Financial Regulation Seminar

Regulation Motivation: A New Perspective on the Volcker Rule (2016)

Business Seminar

Asset Management – En branche i vækst? (2016)

Nordic Finance & the Good Society Seminar

The Foreign Relations Power of the Federal Reserve (2016)

Financial Regulation Seminar

Other People’s Money (2016)

CCG and Danish Shareholder Association Seminar

The Future of The Financial Sector - How to promote an equity culture in Denmark? (2016)

Financial Regulation Seminar

Should the “Outs” join Banking Union? (2016)

Financial Regulation Seminar

Restoring Trust in the Financial System (2016)

Financial Regulation Seminar

Banks, Governments, and Central Banks in the Crisis (2015)

Financial Regulation Seminar

Information Gaps and Shadow Banking (2015)

Financial Regulation Seminar

The Mechanisms of Derivatives Market Efficiency (2015)

Business Seminar

Global Competitiveness and the Financial Sector in the Nordic Countries (2015)