Conference and launch of NFGS II Report

The Nordic Finance and The Good Society II report launches: Is there a sustainable future for the Nordic financial sector?
(October 31 2023)

Value of Financial Advice Conference

Explore The Value of Financial Advice at the Nordic Finance and the Good Society event.
(August 30 2023)

Pension Fund Governance Conference

A joint Conference by Center for Corporate Governance and Pension Research Centre. Focused on pension fund governance.
(June 1 2023)

How did Denmark achieve it and how can this position be developed in the future?
(4. October, 2022)

An exciting seminar with Professor Anat R. Admati about ‘The Intertwined crisis of Capitalism and Democracy’
(30. September, 2022)

The Center for Corporate Governance in collaboration with the Nordic Finance and the Good Society Project 
(23-24. September, 2022)

Sustainable finance and Green Washing

CCG is hosting an exciting event about sustainable finance and green washing.
(26. January, 2022)

Konference om Aktionærdemokrati

I samarbejde med Dansk Aktionærforening, satte CCG fokus på vigtigheden af, at vi tager et fælles ansvar for at udvikle et sundt aktionærdemokrati.
(15. November, 2021)

Central Bank Digital Currencies Seminar

The Digitalization of Money is a developing topic that people hope could have substantial positive effects on the economy. But what is the role of central banks in the future and can we trust in the financial system?
(30. September, 2021)

Impact Investing Days

Hosted virtually by Copenhagen Business School with financial support from NFGS.
(10th June, 2021)

Webinar: Digitale valutaer, kryptoaktiver og tilsyn

Finanstilsynets chef for Fintech, Betalingstjenester og Governance Tobias Thygesen fortæller om reguleringen af kryptoaktiver.
(15. April, 2021)

Webinar: Kryptovalutaer og pengeudstedelse i et historisk perspektiv

Lars Christensen stiller skarpt på digitale valutaer i et historisk perspektiv, og hvad digitale valutaer egentlig er.
(25. Marts, 2021)

Webinar: Hvornår får vi e-kroner? Fokus på digitale centralbankvalutaer

Med chefanalytiker i Danske Bank Jens Nærvig Pedersen og international økonom Lars Christensen.
Passcode: =6Ru6%sK
(23. Februar, 2021)

Measuring central bank communication in a low-interest rate world

By Lars Christensen - CEO of Markets & Money Advisory and Research Associate at CCG
(November 20th, 2020)

Public Lecture on Banking Consolidation

Public online-lecture on Banking Consolidation with Édouard Fernández-Bollo
(September 21th, 2020)

Nordic Finance and the Good Society seminar with mr. Andrea Enria

Seminar: Why are rates and yields so low?

Implications for monetary policy with Lars Christiansen

Finansforbundet Seminar

Nordic Finance and the Good Society seminar held by Finansforbundet

Financial Advice Seminar

Does Financial Advice create any value at all? And what are the consequences if there is no guidance

Brexit, EU Capital Markets, and the Future of the Euro

Nordic Finance and the Good Society seminar by Georg Ringe

Financial Regulation Seminar

Regulation Motivation: A New Perspective on the Volcker Rule

Business Seminar

Asset Management – En branche i vækst?

Nordic Finance & the Good Society Seminar

The Foreign Relations Power of the Federal Reserve

CCG and Danish Shareholder Association Seminar

The Future of The Financial Sector - How to promote an equity culture in Denmark? (2016)

Financial Regulation Seminar

Should the “Outs” join Banking Union? (2016)

Financial Regulation Seminar

Other People’s Money

Financial Regulation Seminar

Restoring Trust in the Financial System (2016)

Nordic Finance & The Good Society Seminar

Contracting Out the Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty: An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Opportunity Waivers

Financial Regulation Seminar

The Mechanisms of Derivatives Market Efficiency

Financial Regulation Seminar

Information Gaps and Shadow Banking (2015)

Business Seminar

Global Competitiveness and the Financial Sector in the Nordic Countries

Financial Regulation Seminar

Banks, Governments, and Central Banks in the Crisis