Business Seminar

Title: Global Competitiveness and the Financial Sector in the Nordic Countries
Date: September 30, 2015
Speaker: Professor Arturo Bris (IMD).

arturo_bris_-2-469x239_0About Arturo Bris:
Keynote speaker is Arturo Bris, professor of Finance and Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center. Arturo Bris frequently comments in global media on competitiveness issues. He has directed programs for senior executives in various industries on several continents and is in this field a frequent government advisor.

The Nordic financial sector is getting challenged with new, rapidly changing business models, increasing global competition and an avalanche of new regulations. The fundamental question is if Nordic financial players can survive in this environment.

Arturo Bris (IMD) will be talking about competiveness and the financial sector in the Nordic countries, which will lead up to a panel discussion where the participants will be; Ole Andersen (Chairman Danske Bank and Adjunct Professor CBS), Ulrik Nødgaard (CEO Danish Bankers Association), Kent Petersen (President, Financial Services Union Denmark) and Troels Lund Poulsen (Minister for Business and Growth).

This event is a part of the groundbreaking research project “Nordic Finance and the Good Society”. One of the project’s focus areas is to study whether the financial sector in Denmark and in the other Nordic countries is competitive and can create any economic wealth for the society? Please visit for more information.