Financial Regulation Seminar

Title: Banks, Governments, and Central Banks in the Crisis
Date: December 1, 2015
Speaker: Martin Hellwig (Bonn)

About Martin Hellwig:
Martin Hellwig is director of Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods and a renowned researcher focusing on research in general economic theory. On December 1st he will visit Center for Corporate Governance to talk about financial regulation.

The lecture will discuss the interplay between government debt, banking problems and monetary policy in the so-called euro crisis. Following a brief description of past events, the lecture will discuss the various feedback loops between banks and sovereigns, the role of governance over banking supervision and the project of a European banking union. The lecture will also discuss the role of monetary policy in this time of crisis, including some comments on the judicial dispute.

His talk is based on his two following papers:

“Financial Stability, Monetary Policy, Banking Supervision, and Central Banking“

“Yes Virginia, There is a European Banking Union! But It May Not Make Your Wishes Come True”