Brexit, EU Capital Markets, and the Future of the Euro

On February 7th, 2018, Professor Georg Ringe will host a seminar on Brexit, EU Capital Markets, and the Future of the Euro.

The severe financial and economic crisis of the past several years has revealed a number of flaws in the design of the Eurozone.

At the same time, the imminent departure of the United Kingdom from the EU poses a number of serious problems for the future European economic framework.

In his talk, Professor Georg Ringe uses key elements of capital market integration to develop the framework for a robust Eurozone.

Georg Ringe is Professor of Law & Economics at the University of Hamburg and Director of its Institute of Law & Economics. Between 2012 and 2017 he was Professor of International Business Law at Copenhagen Business School. He remains connected to CBS through the “Nordic Finance and the Good Society” project. Furthermore, he teaches at the University of Oxford as a visiting professor on a continuous basis.

His research focuses mostly on European and global aspects of corporate governance and financial regulation. Georg is the editor of the Journal of Financial Regulation, published by Oxford University Press. He has advised the EU Commission and European Parliament questions of European company law, comparative corporate governance, capital market law, financial markets, insolvency law, and private international law.

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Deadline for sign-up is 5th February, 2018.