Anna Linda Musacchio Adorisio

Skærmbillede 2019-11-26 kl. 11.29.32

Associate Professor

Anna Linda Musacchio Adorisio, PhD., is Associate Professor of the Department of Management, Society and Communication at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark since 2014 and Honorary Professorial Fellow of Queen Mary University of London since 2011. After completing her PhD. (2008) in Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano, Switzerland she has been recipient of prestigious post-doctoral grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation (2009-2010) and the Wallander-Hedelius-Browaldh Foundation (2010-2013) to conduct research at the College of Business of New Mexico State University and at Gothenburg Research Institute, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research interests revolve around the role of language and narrative practices in the financial sector. She has used a narrative interpretive lens to investigate the cultural and historical context of the global transformations of the banking industry in the past thirty years, namely deregulation, internationalization and innovation. She is interested in interpretive methodologies and in the debate over the place of historical methods in business studies. Prior to her Ph.D she has worked in the financial services industry and she has earned professional certification in this sector.